Jazz And Beyond – Peter Wockner


The third album from Dior is a revival of the roots of her career. Having been discovered by the late funk and soul guru Jackie Orszaczky in the early 1990's, she joined his ‘Godmothers' and was influenced by the singer greatly; hence the presence of a number of Orszacky's associates including the effervescent trombonist James Greening who contributed to the horn arrangements. Dior had a hand in nine of the eleven originals on this album. Her writing habits are quite organic. She builds from riffs on the piano; framing, mapping and then collaborating with other creative artists like Brendan St Ledger, Daryl Aberhart, Ben Fink and Sean Wayland (an old ‘Banana' cohort from the 1990's). Maybe it's this simplistic approach to her writing that makes the tunes so engaging and truthful. The profound relationship between melody and lyric leaves these tunes permeating long after the disc has ended. The themes cover unrequited love, lost love but also contemporary issues like the environment and the human act of generosity. ‘Shadow Man' is a ballad at the album's most soulful core. A heartbroken lyric of unrequited love is sparingly accompanied by a Brendan St Ledger piano over a lush string quartet. Ultimately though its Dior's captivating voice, that pure diction and deep ability to groove showcased on ‘Love's like a River’ that ebbs between a 4/4 groove and a meandering string arrangement reflecting loves changing cycles.


Without a doubt Lily's finest album to date.