Alternative Media Group – Emma Barnett


Jazz is back, and Lily Dior is bringing it. With horns, scat and sass to boot, her third album Let’s Talk About It reiterates Dior’s inherent sense of soul. Backed by an undeniably impressive resume (including performing with the Dave Matthews Band, at Jazz in the Domain, and hosting the 12-year-long program Voices on Sydney’s Eastside Radio) her album soothes the very essence of soul right into 21st-century Sydney. Crooning for 12 straight tracks over a shimmering hammond organ, Dior’s matured vocals respond naturally to the freewheeling flares of thick brass which characterise the album. Dior displays her versatility and depth of talent as she scoots from the groovy bass-slapping Don’t Say A Thing, to the powerfully melancholy Shadow Man and back to big band title track Let’s Talk About It – complete with a quintessential spunky backup chorus of, “Ooooooh talk! Talk! Talk about it!”, echoes and trumpet solos. Rich in musicality and pure talent, Let’s Talk About It offers hints of Carole King, Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday, all siphoned into the huge funky voice of Lily Dior. Her album will be launched on Wednesday June 20 at The Basement, complete with a 15-piece big band.