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Eastside Radio’s Album of the Week is Let’s Talk About It by Lily Dior.

The latest Album from Eastside’s very own Lily Dior is a smooth blend of powerful soul and groovy funk. Lily’s vocals, as you would expect, are as stunning as ever, yet one of the album’s key strengths is the performance of her band which equally match her finesse. Featuring an all star Australian Jazz cast including Brendan St Ledger on piano and keys, Alex Hewetson on bass, Matt Keegan on saxophone, Jamie Cameron on drums and Tina Harrod on backing vocals,  ‘Let’s Talk About It’ is really a conglomeration of some of the finest musicians Sydney has to offer and is a celebration of the local soul scene.


Let’s Talk About It is mainly composed of original compositions, further displaying Lily’s talent not only as a vocalist but also as a songwriter. Funky guitar riffs, smoky sax and trombone solos and Lily’s ever so sultry voice play with your emotions, taking you one moment from a relaxed a mellow setting to a more groove tinged foot-tapping escapade. The diversity of Let’s Talk About It is highly plausible, with both slower and more up tempo tracks both as appealing. The whole album as a body of work is up there with some of the finest Australian soul releases.